Proof of Work

Appendix to my CV, a brief description of my work.
Note that this is not a complete list, as I have made this recently and am still in the process of updating.

Building Fault Tolerant UAVs using Machine Learning, Fault Analysis and Control Theory

Category: MS Thesis, Robotics, Fault Tolerance in UAVs

Designed and developed several drones that can detect motor faults (using fault analysis) and reallocate actuator outputs to stabilize the drone within a few milliseconds.

Hexa frame

Following types of UAV faults were detected and corrected:

Fault TypeDescriptionQuadCopterHexaCopter
Motor FaultsLoss of Efficiency (LoE)
What happens when a motor works at a lower efficiency
Motor FailuresLoss of Actuation (LoA)
What happens when a motor stops working completely
Motor LockingWhat happens when a motor gets stuck at some RPMXX
Propeller FaultsWhat happens when a propeller chips offYY
Sensor FaultsWhat happens when a sensor stops workingYY

Design, fabrication & analysis of a magnetostrictive test-bed running in a lower-earth orbit

Category: Space Tech, Hobby Project, Robotics Test-bed

Engineered a payload for ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), expanding capabilities in satellite deployment. Conducted test-bed studies on Terfenol-D material's intrinsic shape transformation effect in outer space, advancing understanding of material properties under extreme conditions.

Hexa frame


Category: Flutter, OpenCV, PX4, Robotics

Creator and maintainer (BDFL) of several open-source projects.

Mobile Applications

Category: Flutter, Android, iOS

Experienced in developing mobile applications using Flutter, React Native, and native Android. Work done under NDA, or on contract isn't listed here.

Recent Websites

Category: Responsive websites, landing pages, modern web apps, PWAs

Experienced in developing websites using React, Next.js, Django, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, GraphQL and PHP. Back-end dashboards, admin panels and internal websites aren't listed here.